What Can Album Reminder Do For You?

Every week, hundreds of new music albums are released and, as you know, it is not easy to keep up with them.

With Album Reminder you do not have to manually check new releases anymore. After signing up (for free!) you can enter your favorite artists and will then receive notifications when one of your artists releases a new album.

Email & RSS Notifications

Do you prefer email notifications or are you more a fan of RSS-feeds? Both kinds of notifications are possible with Album Reminder and you can chose what is best for you (or even use both!).

Powerful Importers for iTunes & last.fm

You can add your favorite artists one-by-one or make use of one of Album Reminder's powerful importers. If you use iTunes or have a last.fm account, you can import your favorite artists with a just few clicks.

Release Overview

In addition to email and RSS notifications, you can also directly view your new releases online on the website. As soon as you add artists to your list, you will be able to browse recent releases of these artists. A useful tool to quickly check which release you may have missed in the past.

Sign Up and start discovering new music!

“it's a mighty convenient way to stay up on who's releasing new music”

“a simple but brilliant Web app”

“very useful and dead-simple, as well as extremely helpful, online album notification application”